getting started

Educating and empowering urban youth to succeed — both individually and collectively — starts with early investment in their lives and communities.

Scholarship Dinner 2015 -1

Your gift of $50 this summer will set a deserving grade-schooler on the path to M.I.T., Claremont McKenna, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, a state university or community college — placements achieved through the proven curriculum supported by the Neighborhood Good initiative in afterschool learning centers in central, south, west & soon east Los Angeles.

Neighborhood Good strengthens and applies longstanding best practices pioneered by the Neighborhood Youth Association, a non-sectarian, non-profit agency rooted in more than a century of service to Southland students and their families in partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.

Our summer 2015 appeal is launched in respectful observance of the 50th anniversary of the 1965 Watts civil disturbances — seeking to break cycles of poverty that still persist in many neighborhoods.

Our request is for each committed donor to make a $50 contribution to Neighborhood Good, advancing this important work with either an online gift through this secure website (see PayPal link above), or with a check made payable to the Bishop as Corporation Sole, 840 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90026. Thank you; progress reports will follow.

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